Restaurants in Berlin-Mitte


The Boutique Hotel i31 is located in the trendy district of Mitte. In our area you’ll find many restaurants and bars. The Torstrasse, Chausseestrasse and Friedrichstrasse are all within walking distance of our hotel.

Here you will also find our bars recommendations in Berlin-Mitte.

You think frog’s legs and eatable snails are unappetizing? Then visit la bonne franquette and be persuaded of the opposite! The stucco ceiling and the in red velvet covered benches make the brasserie to a little piece of France.

Duck foie gras tureen, Edible snails, Salmon tartare, Entrecôte, Mussel, Beef tartare, Crème Brûlée etc.

Starters: ca. 6,50€ – 15,00€
Main Courses: ca. 15,00€ – 23,50€
Desserts: ca. 5,00€ – 10,00€

Chausseestraße 110
10115 Berlin

With over a thousand different sorts of wine the Rutz was recently announced one of the best wine bars in Berlin. If you reserve for four persons, the restaurant also offers à la carte menus. Otherwise, the chef Marco Müller will create a so called Inspiration Menu for you, which are six- to ten-course menus.

à la carte: Sturgeon Belly, 250g Rib-Eye pure, German Cheese etc.

Starters: ca. 34,00€ – 36,00€
Main Courses: ca. 56,00€ – 70,00€
Desserts: ca. 18,00€ – 32,00€
6-course menu ca. 129,00€
9-course menu ca. 169,00€

Chausseestraße 8
10115 Berlin

The wall made of beech wood logs, the connected bakery and the homemade southern German delicacies make the guests feel like they are actually in the Alps. Due to great demand you should make a reservation.

Wiener Schnitzel, Swabian ravioli filled with veal, cheese noodles, Apple strudel etc.

Starters: ca. 8,90€ – 14,90€
Main Courses: ca. 15,90€ – 27,90€
Desserts: ca. 9,90€ – 11,90€

Gartenstraße 9
10115 Berlin

Typical Italian! Not only the food, but also the wooden furniture and tables with the white-blue checked table cloths give the Bonfini a rustic atmosphere.

Antipasti, Spaghetti Langostinos, Trenette Trapanese, Pizza Napoli, Pizza Prosciutto, Scaloppa Milanese, Saltimbocca, Scampi alla Griglia

Starters: ca. 4,00€ – 15,00€
Main Courses: ca. 7,50€ – 23,50€

Chausseestraße 15
10115 Berlin

The pizza is made by pizzaiolos trained in Naples. Besides pizza, Italofritzen serves handmade pasta.

Main Courses: 7,50€ – 16,50€

Friedrichstrasse 105
10117 Berlin

If you always wanted to see some celebrities your chances are high in the Grill Royal. May it be Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney or Charlize Theron; they all dine in the Grill Royal. Besides fish- and steak-dishes they also offer a terrace with view on the Berlin Cathedral.

Kobe Beef, Oysters and Caviar, T-Bone Steak, Grilled Lobster, North Sea sole, Australian Wagyu, diverse sides and sauces etc.

Starters: ca. 8,00€- 59,00€
Main Courses: ca. 29,00€ – 125,00€
Desserts: ca. 2,50€ – 22,00€

Friedrichstraße 105b
10117 Berlin

Enjoy Ibero-Pacific specialities in leather armchairs in front of golden tiles.

Japanese Noodle Soup, Sashimi, Grilled whole Sea Bream, Arctic Island Char, Iberico Spare Ribs, Tonka Beans Crème Brûlée etc.

Starters: ca. 10,50€ – 18,50€
Main Courses: ca. 17,50€ – 29,50€
Desserts: ca. 10,50€ – 11,50€

Friedrichstraße 120
10117 Berlin

In case you feel the desire to eat Italian food you should try the dishes in the Bocca di Bacco where authentic Italian kitchen is modernised.

Beef carpaccio, Grilled young Squid, Pennette All’Arrabbiata, Sardinian Gnocchetti Pasta with Seafood, Flambé Beef filet, Edible chestnut Crème Caramel, etc.

Starters: ca. 9,50€ – 13,50€
Main Courses: ca. 11,50€ – 27,50€
Desserts: ca. 6,00€ – 7,50€

Friedrichstraße 167-168
10117 Berlin

Let it be Tom Cruise, Natalie Portman or Barack Obama – all of them were already in the Borchardt which is mostly because of the famous Schnitzel and the French dishes. This is what makes it one of the most famous restaurants of the capital city.

Französische Straße 47
10117 Berlin

Against all expectations the Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt does not rely on the customary Bavarian kitsch. Instead it offers solid, but also vegetarian meals and a changing lunch menu. However, be careful on Sunday evenings since it is especially crowded at that time.

Bavarian sausages, Fried sausages Thuringian style, diverse Sandwiches, Freshly baked roast of pork crisped outside, Crisp knuckle of pork, Beef Goulash, Wiener Schnitzel, Austrian apricot dumpling, Emperors pancake etc.

Starters: ca. 7,00€ – 14,50€
Main Courses: ca. 12,00€ – 26,50€
Desserts: ca. 7,50€ – 13,50€

Charlottenstraße 55
10117 Berlin

With its maritime look the Seaside will bring you straight to the sea and this in the middle of Berlin! Here you are offered daily fresh fish which you can combine with various sides.

Starters: ca. 7,00€ – 16,50€
You can choose from a variety of daily fresh fish at the counter
Sides: ca. 4,00€ – 7,50€
Desserts: ca. 2,00€ – 12,50€

Mohrenstraße 17
10117 Berlin

As the name implies, it’s all about meat here. The highlight of “To The Bone” is also the colorful and modern inerior design.

Meat dish about 25 €

Torstraße 96
10119 Berlin

Here, the green is celebrated both in the plate and in the interior. The meat is not completely dispensed with.

All dishes 9-15 €. But you need at least two to be full.

Torstraße 179
10115 Berlin

Did you always want to try Red Dragon vs She-Rim, A Better Tomorrow or Stop Making Sense? Those creative names are the ones of the Chinese fusion dishes of the Toca Rouge. With the dark furnishings and the extravagant decorations on the wall the restaurant is a real inside tip.

Starters: ca. 5,50€ – 11,90€
Main Courses: ca. 11,00€ – 17,00€

Torstraße 195
10115 Berlin

The Dudu serves popular Asian Crossover kitchen with Japanese dishes and Sushi. So popular that you should make a reservation beforehand. The minimalist interior offers a pure design atmosphere.

Menu is changing weekly

Torstraße 134
10119 Berlin

Djimalaya uses classic Israeli recipes. As in Israel, side dishes (about 4 € / side dish) like falafel, tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush etc. are shared with family and friends. Djimalaya offers food for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat dishes.

Invalidenstraße 159
10115 Berlin

“Tommi’s Burger Joint” on Invalidenstraße serves classic fast food. For a burger (with organic beef), fries and a soda you pay about 10 €.

Invalidenstraße 160
10115 Berlin

Crackers is a combination of bar & restaurant in the former Cookies Club. Here is not only the food surprising and impressive but also the decor.

Main course 25 to 40 €

Friedrichstraße 158
10117 Berlin

For all the vegans and vegetable lovers amongst you we recommend the Kopps. With its modern vegetable creations from regional and seasonal cultivation the restaurant is offering combinations that you never experienced like that before. From Monday to Thursday between 6 and 7.30 p.m. the “Come together” takes place where you are offered a creative 3-course-menu for 19€.

Egg salad, Woodland mushroom ravioli, Ramsons-Buckwheat-Risotto, Lavacake etc.

Starters: ca. 5,00€ – 11,00€
Main Courses: ca. 17,00€ – 20,00€
Desserts: ca. 10,00€ – 23,00€

Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin

Pauly Saal does not only offer a sophisticated European kitchen but also a special location in the rooms of an old former grammar school for Jewish girls. The meals consist of regional and seasonal products which are obtained from local farmers.

Beef tartar, Mackerel, Celery, Atlantic wolffish, Entrecôte

7-course menu: 115€

10117 Berlin

Einstein Unter den Linden is a Berlin institution. The café has the charm of Viennese coffee houses. There are also regular photo exhibitions taking place here. The apple strudel or the Kaiserschmarrn are worth a recommendation.

Main course : 9.50 € to 28 €

Unter den Linden 42
10117 Berlin

Alongside the classic Wiener Schnitzel and the German Tapas, the menu also includes creations such as the vegan schnitzel, a boiled schnitzel or fish as schnitzel.

Main courses between 14 and 18 €

Chausseestr. 8 oder Novalisstr. 11
10115 Berlin

At Katz Orange, regional organic cuisine is celebrated on a gourmet level. The fabulous old mansion serves seasonal dishes.

Main course about 20 €

Bergstraße 22
10115 Berlin

Pizza lovers beware! The best pizzas of Berlin-Mitte are served at Papà Pane in the Ackerstraße (only 10 min walk from our hotel)

Pizza about 7 €

Ackerstraße 23
10115 Berlin  

Night Kitchen serves modern Mediterranean dishes, to share with friends in a warm, rustic and welcoming atmosphere.


Oranienburger Str. 32,
10117 Berlin

The modern-style restaurant with open kitchen is located between the Monbijoupark and the Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station. Dae Mon serves dishes from European cuisine with Japanese and Korean influences. According to Gault Millau, Dae Mon is one of the best restaurants in Berlin.

3 course-menu 45€
4 course-menu 56€

Monbijouplatz 11
10178 Berlin

The restaurant Mogg is located in a former Jewish girls’ school. Homemade Jewish-American delicacies such as pastrami and barbecued brisket are served here.

Auguststr. 11-13
10117 Berlin

The colorful restaurant Nihombashi is located not far from Rosenthaler Platz. Sushi, ramen and other Japanese specialties are served here.

Weinbergsweg 4
10119 Berlin

Regional, seasonal and semi-vegetarian. The star restaurant turns simple things to very special dishes.

6 course menu 98,00€

Hannoversche Straße 1
10115 Berlin

The French restaurant Bandol sur mer on Torstrasse was awarded a Michelin Star in 2018. The dishes are divided into two menus: one more fish, the other more meat.

6 course menu : 103,00€

Torstraße 167
10115 Berlin

As the name suggests, Rotisserie Weingrün enjoy simple and delicate dishes from the flame wall grill.

Three things from the grill € 27.00

Gertraudenstraße 10-12
10178 Berlin

At Shiso, burgers are combined with Asian cuisine. Angus beef, Wagyu beef, salmon burger and a burger with big black tiger prawns and two veggie burgers are on the menu.

10119 Berlin       

The cozy Neumond restaurant with blue & gold walls and floral decor serves modern European dishes.

Borsigstraße 28
10115 Berlin

The restaurant offers a fresh, tasty and seasonal cuisine (for example pork cheeks with kohlrabi and kale, entrecôte with radicchio and zucchini, turbot and Romanesco).

This charming restaurant is located near Boutique Hotel i31 at Linienstrasse 160 in Berlin Mitte.

Menu around 30/45 € 

Reservation by phone +493028449500 or e-Mail

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