Electric cars – BMW i3

 To explore the city individually during their stay our guests have access to two BMW i3  free of charge.

To use our BMW i3 you need to :

 have a valid driver’s license,

contact our reception desk,

listen carefully to our colleagues’ instructions;

confirm the handing-over and off you go!

The offer depends on availability. Due to the limited number of cars we can’t accept any reservation. For the borrowing of one electric car we request a deposit of 1000,00€.


Charging station for electric cars

 Electric cars can also be recharged at our own loading station. We charge Euro 9.95 for the service.

Quickly and easy works the refilling for all environmental friendly electric cars in underground parking of the Boutique Hotel i31. Pursuing the idea of sustainability plus the increasing numbers of electric cars lead to the installation of the charging station. 

The high quality ICU charging station with two 11KW plugs (TYPE II)  is suitable for all usual electric cars and is located in the underground parking of the Boutique Hotel i31. Two cars can be charged parallel while the guests rest in their rooms, enjoy a coffee or drink at the Cozy Bar. We kindly ask you to bring your charging cable and the required adapter. 

Our underground parking has 12 parking spots (Euro 15.00) which are assigned upon arrival depending on availability. 


Another fantastic possibility to explore the city individually are our three electric scooters which are available for our guests during their stay free of charge. (Please note that for security reasons the e-scooters are not available in winter)

The e-scooters can be driven with any valid car or motorbike drivers license, have a range of more than 50 km. The lithium-ion battery provides the scooter with power and an intelligent brake energy regeneration ensures extra kilometer. 

To explore Berlin with the i31 Electric Scooter is easy:

You have a valid car drivers license.

You know how to drive a scooter.

Please contact our reception desk.

Our colleagues will instruct you.

You confirm the handing over and off you go. 

The offer depends on availability. Due to the limited number of e-scooters we cannot accept bookings. For the borrowing of one scooter we request a deposit of Euro 100 on your credit card. 




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