Hygiene & precautionary measures

All measures 

At the hotel entrance, in front of all dining areas and in potentially endangered areas, e.g. in the public toilets or in front of the lifts, there are sufficient disinfection options available.

A maximum of 2 people with face mask may use the elevator at the same time.

Potentially endangered objects such as light switches, toilet brushes, taps, soap dispensers, elevator buttons, card terminals are disinfected at regular intervals every day.

Wherever possible, transparent plexiglas protection has been installed. In addition, all employees in public areas are wearing a face mask and, if necessary, disposable gloves.

The distance regulations of min. 1.5 meters are indicated by adhesive markings on the floor.

The surfaces of the reception counters are cleaned thoroughly and at regular intervals with disinfectants.

With the hotelbird app we offer our guests a contactless and hygienic check-in / out. Through the app you can also open your room door and pay with your smartphone.

With our SMS and Whatsapp service, we offer our guests contactless communication with our reception team. In order to use this, a phone number must be provided or communicated during the reservation process.

Our fitness and sauna area will remain closed for the time being.

Upon departure, all surfaces and potentially endangered objects in the room are disinfected, e.g. desk, wardrobe, drawers, light switches, window handles, telephone, tablet, coffee machine, toilet brushes, taps, soap dispenser.

  • In the restaurant areas, the number of tables and seating options has been reduced in accordance with official instructions. Chairs and tables are set up taking into account the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

    Kitchen and service staff wear a face mask and disposable gloves or cloth gloves.

    Unfortunately we cannot offer our buffet in the current situation. As an alternative to our buffet we serve a "boutique à la carte" breakfast for € 16.50 / person. This includes different types of bread, orange juice, coffee or tea and 6 components of your choice: 1 egg dish, 2 cold cuts, 1 cereal, 1 jam or honey, 1 fruit or vegetable, 1 warm dish. We also offer our 3 small breakfasts (French, vitality, savoury) for € 9.50. We charge additional extras à la carte (e.g. a fruit salad, a portion of salmon, etc.).

    The menu is printed on disposable paper placemats or the menu is written on large boards. If an email address is available, the menu will be emailed to guests prior to arrival.

    The French breakfast is also available as a to go version. Pick-up takes place in the restaurant.

    All breakfasts must be pre-ordered.

    We do not stock sugar, salt and pepper shakers. These are temporarily replaced by single-use packaging made of paper. The cloth napkins are replaced by paper napkins.

    Payment in cash is not possible in the restaurant and bar. Bills can be paid with electronic means of payment or added to the room invoice.

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